Adding to the ambience of the place is the poignant love story of Magnolia, a young British girl who fell desperately in love with a tribal shepherd boy. A granite plaque narrates how Magnolia's love for the poor shepherd drew the ridicule of the girl's English community. Realising that her love would remain unfulfilled she chose to end her life by diving into the alley along with her horse. Magnolia Point is located around 10 KM from the town's main bus stand.

Take any viewpoint in the hills across India, build a beautiful sculpture, weave a story based on history ...and there you have a tourist spot to flaunt!

That's ll there is. A scenic sunset point from where there is a spectacular view of the sun going down. A sculpture of a horse and one of a boy and a girl, and near it a few small sculptures ( for lack of a better word) of a few animals nearby.

Around this is a story. A story of a lady called Magnolia who was supposed to have been madly in love with a shepherd and since she couldn't marry him, supposed to have gone off the cliff complete, horse and all to her death.

The sunset though is as great a sight as it can be anywhere. If you want to see the sunset plan being there early based on the season otherwise you will miss the event. It is only about 15 minutes drive from Arunodaya Guest House .

From where you park, it is a flat walk of 2 to 3 minutes. Take a camera, you can shoot well.

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